Client Data Officer JSE

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) building in Sandton. It has operated as a market place for the trading of financial products for nearly 125 years.
Client Data Officer Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
Sandton, Gauteng
To interpret and capture accurate and complete client reference data onto the JSE systems according to the data quality standards and procedures enabling the JSE to communicate with clients effectively and allowing the market to perform their functions efficiently.
The JSE is an equal employment opportunity employer and invites all designated groups, including people with disability to apply. Responsibilities / Outputs• Apply cost effectiveness principles in everyday delivery to contribute to achievement of departmental financial targets

  • Ensure delivery of outputs that will contribute to the overall success of the JSE through meeting business requirements, following best practice and ensuring that outputs are adhering to the industry standards and procedures
  • Craft annual planning of own deliverables as per performance agreement in order to enable progress to plan tracking on a continuous basis, which will ensure contribution to the overall divisional service delivery
  • Administration of Enterprise Information Governance (EIG) and the Counsel and follow up on action items with various business stakeholders
  • Build strategic and sustainable relationships with stakeholders through constructive and continuous engagement in order to cultivate trust and to gain acceptance and commitment to Master Data governance principles and procedures
  • Track progress to plan against deliverables through frequent status update liaison with stakeholders in order to ensure deliverables according to the agreed objectives and the quality expected thereof
  • Engage with (EIG) Counsel members and other business stakeholders to ensure proper preparation of agenda items and documents submitted to EIG Counsel or EXCO
  • Ensure accuracy and quality assurance of client reference data across multiple reference data systems across all markets to ensure correct information to allow the member/trader/dealer to trade
  • Maintain JSE and NSX client reference data (all board and company secretary changes, contact detail information etc.) from loading of new listings, suspensions to terminations of Equity Issuers, Interest Rate and Debt Issuers, Unregulated Issuers to ensure correct client information is captured and maintained in the JSE reference data systems
  • Analyse client reference data (issuer, member non-member client data) to ensure understanding of data before capturing of data
  • Follow a quality assurance process to ensure information loaded is correct
  • Investigate warnings on reports to ensure accuracy of data
  • Check for completeness and accuracy of information by ensuring that relevant and supporting documentation is provided to enhance data accuracy
  • Be accountable for the administrative activities of the internal process for client /membership and related officers through ensuring that the correct information is captured and documented and that operational activities are timeously performed in a professional manner
  • Coordinate manage and track the client, member, issuer on/off-boarding enablement process through consulting with business areas to reach consensus on an implementation date and follow up to ensure that the responsible business units deliverer outputs timeously and effectively as per set timelines and quality
  • Draft and receive quality assurance approval for the membership on/off boarding application from supervisor; submit the membership application to the Executive Committee’s consideration in order to obtain approval for the new member; and disseminate approval letter to the client to confirm on/off boarding of membership
  • Capture the client reference data into the JSE system in order to keep records of the relevant client details to ensure governance and effective communication with clients
  • Communicate various document types to stakeholders as per defined processes and procedures as and when requested in order to keep clients informed and updated
  • Source client reference data internally and externally and update as necessary to ensure that the most accurate and recent client reference data is available across to the JSE at all times
  • Run reports from various JSE reference data systems as an when required by stakeholders through extracting and filtering of data from various systems in order to provide accurate and quality information to stakeholders
  • Perform quarterly audits to ensure that the client reference data in the JSE reference data systems is accurate and complete
  • Identify obstacles and major challenges through continuous review of processes and standards an provide input in order to ensure effective operational alignment to strategic priorities
  • Communicate market communication notices and or service hotlines to clients by identifying the relevant client and distributing it to the correct distribution group
  • Make decisions about best practice through comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions
  • Attend to ad-hoc duties and responsibilities as assigned by manager in continuation of business and increased productivity
  • Administration of EIG activities including the Counsel and follow up on tasks and action items directly with responsible parties.
  • Produce a monthly report on status of all EIG action items including applicable comments and escalate to manager where appropriate.
  • Self-Management
  • Transformation and Innovation Management ExperienceDiploma in business administration / financial markets

3- 5 years working experience in a financial markets environment Skills Personality Traits

How to Apply
Apply online of JSE Career Site

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